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Researching Ethnic Minority Students’ Preferences for Sexual Health Resources via a Practical Design Methodology

By: Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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Sexual health education materials should be matched to the needs of population groups and incorporate sexual health information that reflects the cultural context in which people live. My study took a practical approach to the design of sexual health resources and asked 20 different design groups representing seven broad ethnic minority groups to create their own sexual health resource. The data were analyzed using content analysis which forms the main focus of this case study. This is an example of one of my first practical research projects, and this case study highlights some of the challenges that I faced and mistakes that I made. I chose this project because it was creative and resources were cheap; as an early career lecturer working without a big budget, research that did not cost much was a big factor in my decision making. In this case study, I outline the methodology of this creative project, and I identify a range of methodological challenges in using a creative technique to collect data, and considerations and strategies for data interpretation and analysis.

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