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An Environmental Scan of Perinatal Mental Health Care Services for Immigrant Women

By: & Published: 2020 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases: Medicine and Health
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We used an environmental scan as a practical method to explore and increase understanding of what immigrant women’s reproductive mental health-care services exist within the Interior Health communities of British Columbia (BC). This case study provides an account of why an environmental scan method was chosen and demonstrates the application in the context of a research study. The method described here may be applicable to other academic fields. The case study details what we learned, and the strengths and limitations encountered in the research study. Using an environmental scan enabled us to enquire about reproductive mental health-care services, and to identify gaps that can inform public health policies and programs that affect the availability of and access to mental health care supports and services for immigrant women living in BC. Knowledge gained from this study contributes to the development of equitable and culturally appropriate health-care services that address the mental health and well-being among immigrant women during postpartum. The results were shared with stakeholders to supplement their knowledge to improve public health policy on accessible, integrated health-care services that attend to differential needs of immigrant women.

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