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Emancipatory Engagement and Co-Production: Disability Research for Activism

By: Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Health
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In 2013, I was invited by Edward Conteh, the Head of the Amputee and War-Wounded Association in Sierra Leone, to return to the country. Instead of closing my anthropological research, he asked me to assist the organisation to document what they felt was an injustice occurring in their communities. Using ideas of emancipatory engagement found in disability studies and co-production found in participatory action research, we designed a qualitative research project using semi-structured interviews and a focus group. Research was transformative in nature in that the voices of the community and their questions came to the fore, so we had to ensure that this was reflected in our methodology. We also had to ensure that we documented the research in a way that the Amputee and War-Wounded Association could use for activism to ensure reparations for the community.

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Methods Map

Emancipatory research

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