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Cultural Sensitivities: A Case Study of Sexual Pleasure in Ghana

By: Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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In this case study, I share the methodological and ethical issues in researching culturally sensitive issues, such as sexual pleasure, in a West African country, Ghana, where sexual matters are hidden, stigmatized, and sensitive. Essentially, I present some insights into how to collect data through in-depth interviews on sexuality-related issues with women and men in Ghana and argue that women in Africa are not powerless in matters of sexuality as popular knowledge makes them appear. It is expected that the methodology will be useful for undergraduate and graduate students who intend to conduct studies on sexuality-related issues in West African countries. In sharing this experience, I also acknowledge that most new researchers around the world will have to adhere to different practices (ethically and in terms of research design) than are evident in this case.

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