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A Critical Review on the Use of Repertory Grid Technique: Challenges and Lessons Learned

By: Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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The project described in this case discusses the use of Repertory Grid Technique to investigate concepts of good problem solving from the perspective of engineers. The theoretical underpinnings of the method are briefly covered and two approaches of elicitation during data collection are explored: (1) pen and paper as well as (2) Idiographic Analysis with Repertory Grids (Idiogrid) software. It is found the use of the software is more effective in the data collection process given the complexities involved in the method. A critical review on the overall utilisation of the method in the project is also discussed. In particular, the challenges faced when using this method and what could have been done better. This case study highlights the importance of the understanding of a method, the Repertory Grid Technique, prior to implementation in a project in order to facilitate proper utilisation of the research method.

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