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Exploring the Counter-Stories of African American Men: Using a Hip-Hop Narrative Inquiry Approach to Qualitative Research

By: & Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Education
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Hip-hop is a platform where African American children, adolescents, and young adults have come to create an identity and establish a social conscious look into how concepts such as institutional racism, poverty, and power dynamics influence their lives and the great African American perspective. This study specifically looks at how concepts of institutional racism, power dynamics, and personal epistemology are expressed through rap lyrics and how it is represented through experience and expression. This exploratory qualitative single case study utilizes a narrative inquiry approach to explore the role of rap lyrics for one African American male and his counter-stories during a semi-structured interview based on a preliminary analysis of his self-authored lyrics. This study has implications for ways to utilize arts in the schools to influence African American male development, academic success, and achievement.

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