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Consumption and Body Images: A Textual Analysis of Women’s Magazines in Brazil

By: & Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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This study discusses a case of textual analysis of Brazilian women's magazines, the results of which were published in an article in 2016. In short, the article shows how such periodicals construct certain notions of feminine beauty, health, and wellbeing through a logic resembling totemism to disseminate products and services in society. The presentation of this case is structured in four parts. First, there is a brief account of the project and the context of Brazilian culture that encompasses the publishing and reading of the examined magazines. Then, the study introduces some principles of textual analysis and its uses for the investigation of media materials. The third part explains how the method was applied to analyze a collection of Brazilian women's magazines and summarizes the theoretical framework that sustained the interpretation of such texts. Finally, some of the lessons and conclusions of that analysis are outlined at the end of the study.

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