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Bibliometric Analysis of the Collaborative Economy Research Field

By: & Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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This case presents the bibliometric and visualization method applied to a dataset of 729 documents published in the collaborative economy research field. Four steps are described in detail: (1) the delimitation of the field of study; (2) the selection of databases, keywords, and search criteria; (3) the extraction, cleaning, and formatting; and finally (4) the co-citation analysis and visualization. The method validation section shows the results obtained by applying our methodological procedure to an author network analysis as well as a source title network analysis. This study is unique in that it presents a co-citation analysis coupled with a network visualization applied to the rapidly growing research area of the collaborative economy. More specifically, the methodology presented in this case presents three key advances: (1) The data have depth. The dataset is not only comprised of journal articles, as is usually done in many bibliometric studies, but it also includes conference papers (e.g., proceedings), books, editorials, gray literature, and book chapters. (2) The data were extracted from two databases (Scopus and Web of Science), instead of one as is commonly done in bibliometric studies. While the input from an additional database provided us with additional information, it also required a higher amount of work with regard to the extraction, cleaning, and formatting of the data. (3) VOSviewer was our main analytical tool performing the co-citation analysis and the network visualizations.

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