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Autoethnographic Approaches to Academic Writing Development: Dialogue as a Research Tool

By: , & Published: 2021 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 1
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This case study discusses how autoethnographic approaches can be used as a qualitative research tool. Based in a U.K. university Faculty of Education, it outlines a collaborative project designed to investigate barriers to engagement with academic writing development for early career researchers. After a brief overview of the project and its rationale, we explain the narrative research methodology used and its focus on iterative journal writing exchanges between two of the researchers. We then discuss the practicalities of the project and the rationale for the selection of our guiding principles of trust, validity, and parity. The report then discusses the project findings, considering both the outcomes and the benefits of engaging in the process. The conclusion suggests that iterative journal approaches may have benefits for a range of qualitative research and invites further discussion around the importance of emotional aspects of engaging in research writing for publication.

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