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Applications of Systems Thinking for Health System Research: A One Health Perspective

By: , & Published: 2020 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases: Medicine and Health
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The complex health challenges are increasingly demanding multisectoral approaches for their solution. Possible solutions are further complexed by the health system structure and its different degrees of resilience, which differ from setting to setting. One Health guiding principles may help facilitate the actors across the different systems to address these complex issues; however, challenges remained in implementing such principles in a health system of a developing nation. For understanding the factors influencing the system complexity and dynamics of a health system, systems thinking is a suitable approach. As it is directed against fallacies of linear causalities, it might help avoid blind spots in the study of social fields. This case study discusses the applications of systems thinking to develop One Health strategies in a local setting in Ahmedabad, India. Furthermore, the systems thinking skills were applied to improve convergence at the local level by identifying the entry points.

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