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Chapter 5 | Measurement and Validity

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Measurement and Validity

This chapter includes an introduction to measurement theory and to the important measurement standards of validity, reliability, and precision. The practical aspects of measurement in content analysis are discussed, with contrasts between human1 and computer coding (i.e., most commonly, computer-aided text analysis, or CATA)2 . The chapter elaborates the process of constructing codebooks (i.e., the operational definitions for all variables) and coding forms for human coding (forms created as handy recording formats, corresponding to the codebook). The construction of dictionaries for text analysis is considered, as well as procedures for computer-driven text analyses without dictionaries. The chapter also presents guidelines for comparing and selecting a text analysis computer program or platform (e.g., Diction, LIWC, Profiler Plus, Yoshikoder; also see Resource 1). ...

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