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Paradigms of Social Research

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Paradigms of Social Research
  • Kuhn and the paradigms of sciences 9
  • Three basic questions 11
  • Positivism 13
  • Neopositivism and postpositivism 17
  • Interpretivism 20
  • A final note: radicalization, criticism and new tendencies 25

This chapter illustrates the philosophical bases of the two basic approaches to social research which gave rise to the families of quantitative and qualitative techniques. We will begin with the concept of paradigm – that is, the perspective that inspires and directs a given science. Then we shall examine the historical roots and the guiding principles of the positivist and the interpretive paradigms. The chapter ends with a few reflections concerning currents trends in social research.

Kuhn and the Paradigms of Sciences

The notion of ‘paradigm’ has ancient origins in the history of philosophical thought. It was utilized both by ...

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