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What's New

New for 2021!

We're pleased to announce that 50 new book titles will be added to SAGE Research Methods in January 2021.  View the title list.

We will also add:

  • Several new video titles
  • 30 new titles to Cases Part 1
  • 12 new titles to Datasets Part 2
  • 5 new podcasts

Coming Soon

SAGE Research Methods Video: Medicine and Health

Bringing medical and health research to life, this video collection will cover research methods used across medical specialties. These include clinical study design, conduct and analysis, biostatistics, systematic review and meta-analysis. The 60-hour video collection includes tutorials, case studies, in practice films, and expert interviews. 

Epidemiological and infectious disease research methods, directly relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic will be covered, making this a timely collection for medical and health students. Video player tools such as the ability to create custom clips and embed video in learning management systems are ideal for online coursework. 

Learn more.

SAGE Research Methods: Data Visualization

SRM Data Visualization will teach both beginner and advanced researchers the fundamentals of data and design necessary to create impactful visualizations. Principles will be taught through a series of practical video tutorials, text entries, and practice datasets.

Researchers increasingly grapple with complex or big data and need to present their data in an understandable, easy to interpret and informative way in order to disseminate their research successfully. Mastering the skills and techniques of data visualization, the art and science of presenting data in a graphical format, is therefore key for any researcher. It enables them to communicate their data with impact, so that audiences can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns and relationships easily.

Introducing a spectrum of chart types across five categories of visualizations—categorical, hierarchical, temporal, spatial and network—complete with both presentation tips and annotated examples of bad practice, researchers will be able to determine which one most appropriately fits their specific data story. The data visualization gallery will be accompanied by roughly 30 hours of video tutorials with experienced researchers, each sharing why they chose the particular visualization to answer their research question and demonstrating how they created it in their chosen software. Researchers and practitioners will also be able to put their skills into practice on clean datasets, accompanied by step-by-step guides on how to create a particular visualization using a variety of tools.

Overviews of 75 visualization tools, from Excel to Python, will also be included to help researchers determine the best tool for their needs.

Learn more.

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