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What's New

Coming Soon! A New and Improved User Experience

In just a few weeks you’ll start to notice some improvements on SAGE Research Methods. The most noticeable will be a fresher look to the site overall. We’re also introducing improved search functionality and laying the foundation for a more accessible platform for all users.

Rest assured, all of the content you rely on is staying put.

A special note for librarians: This is not a migration, but rather a site refresh, so there’s no work to do on your end. All URLs, permalinks, and bookmarks will remain constant.

New for 2022!

We're pleased to announce that 50 new book titles will be added to SAGE Research Methods in January 2022.  View the title list.

New Cases, Datasets, and Data Visualization content will be available in March. 

Also launching in March:

SAGE Research Methods: Doing Research Online

This new multimedia collection is designed to support novice or experienced social science researchers who are conducting research online. Whether conducting their first or their hundredth study online, users will find support to employ a variety of digital methods from online surveys, interviews to digital ethnography, social media, and text analysis, as well as learn how to manage, store and archive digital data. Privacy and other ethical considerations specific to conducting research online are also covered. Researchers will also get support with how to navigate the challenges of being supervised online.

Learn more and view sample content.

SAGE Research Methods Video: Research Ethics & Integrity 

The next SAGE Research Methods Video collection will help students and researchers increase their knowledge and skills around research ethics and research integrity. Key topics include informed consent, questionable research practices and research misconduct, confidentiality, anonymity, ethical codes, and ethical approval. Viewers will be guided through key considerations to ensure that their research is adhering to ethical principles, and practices, from research design to publication, and beyond. Drawing on examples and applications from across the social and behavioral sciences, as well as data ethics and bioethics, the content will be a mix of expert interviews, video case studies, tutorials, and documentaries.

Learn more.

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