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Rosenthal Effect

Edited by: Published: 2010
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A general characteristic of human nature is that people tend to judge themselves, especially their competence and worth, based on the perception of others. The term Rosenthal effect refers to this internalization of expectations from a perceived authority figure by the recipient. Four terms are used to describe this same phenomenon, generally interchangeably: Pygmalion effect, Rosenthal effect, self-fulfilling prophecy, and expectancy effect. Another associated term—Hawthorne effect—underscores the complete understanding of the Rosenthal effect. In this entry, these terms are further examined, and implications for research and practical applications, particularly within the education system, are examined for the Rosenthal effect. It is imperative that researchers obtain a clear understanding of the Rosenthal effect because the impact of another person's expectations of recipients can generate very powerful ...

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