General Search Tips

There are two main ways of searching in the SAGE Research Methods platform. The first is by using the quick search at the top of every page. The quick search performs a full text search for the terms you enter. A full text search finds every piece of content that contains the words you have entered. The items with the most occurrences of the terms will appear at the top of the list.

Following any search you can then apply filters to the results. These are on the right hand side of the search results page.

There are filters to show only what content is available to you, for content type and sub-type, for disciplines, a date range slide bar, and a filter to show whole works, chapters, entries or segments of videos.

If this doesn’t get you what you are looking for you can try the second way of searching, an advanced search. The advanced search page can be accessed from underneath the quick search box at the top of every page in the SAGE Research Methods platform. On this page you can select and search many different elements within the platform. For more details on using this page see the Advanced Search Tips page.

Alternatively you can browse using the browse menu at the top of every page. You can browse by Topic, which will take you to the Methods Map, Discipline to see content relevant to a specific discipline, or by content type.