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Write a Case Study of Research Methods in Medicine & Health

Have you completed a research project in medicine, nursing, or public health? Are you interested in helping the next generation of researchers by writing about your research methodology?

SAGE Research Methods Cases explore the methodology of real research projects in medicine and health.

What is SAGE Research Methods?

SAGE Research Methods is an award-winning online platform used for teaching and learning about research methodologies at 575 institutions worldwide.

Following its success in the social sciences, SAGE Research Methods is expanding into the field of medicine, beginning with SAGE Research Methods Cases.

Cases are peer-reviewed pieces in which researchers discuss the methodology of their research and the practicalities of having conducted a particular study. Cases are

  • Short accounts of employing research methods in the context of real studies
  • Pedagogically focused to help students understand the practicalities of conducting research
  • Introductory in tone: explanatory and free of jargon
  • Engaging, using concrete examples to make methods relevant and useful to emerging researchers

The new collection will include examples of clinical research from across all medical specialties, as well as dentistry, nursing, and public health.

It will explore an extensive range of medical research, including clinical trials and studies, biostatistics, epidemiology, systematic review and meta-analysis.

Academic Advisory Board

Patricia M. Davidson, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing · USA

E. Vincent S. Faustino, Yale School of Medicine · USA

Sarah E Lamb, University of Oxford · UK

Wendy Lou, University of Toronto · Canada

Arduino A. Mangoni, Flinders University · Australia

Steven Piantadosi, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard University · USA

Christopher Schmid, Brown School of Public Health · USA

Armando Teixeira-Pinto, The University of Sydney School of Medicine · Australia

Resources for Authors

Benefits for published case study authors include

To take a look at previously published case studies, we recommend starting a 30-day free trial of SAGE Research Methods Cases and browsing the health discipline.

How to Get Involved

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