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    SPEAKER: What are some tips for writing up my research?Tip number one.It's never too early.Start writing as you are doing the researchand analyzing your finding.Anything you write up is money in the bank,and it is much easier to go back and edit than to come upwith something from scratch.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: Tip number two.Be motivated.The work has already been done.[KEEP GOING YOU CAN DO THIS!]And it's important to remember that youneed to get it out there, so people can learn from it.Tip number three.Be systematic.Try setting yourself a timetable for getting the writing done.Make a goal for how many words you need to complete each day,

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    SPEAKER [continued]: and stick to it.Tip number four.Look at examples.Using examples to help you model your work afteris a great way to get it done.Tip number five.Just get started.The hardest part of doing anything is getting started,so just get started.You'll find that it gets easier after you do.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: Tip number six.Good enough is good enough.Remember that the best can be the enemy of the good.Your work has to get done, so make sure to focuson the necessities first.Tip number seven.Length doesn't matter the first time around.Don't worry about exceeding the word countthe first time around.

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    SPEAKER [continued]: It is easier to cut out than to write in.Just get the words down on paper as best you can.Tip number eight.Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.Get your message across more clearly by writing shorterand more focused sentences.Delete the unnecessary diversions,and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.

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Learn tips for writing up research findings successfully.

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What Are Some Tips for Writing Up My Research?

Learn tips for writing up research findings successfully.

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