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    KEVIN KELLER: I'm Kevin Keller, and I'm the co-founderof Fulton and Roark.It's a fragrance and grooming company.I think that Steve Jobs may have done more damageto good entrepreneurship in a lot of waysthan he did good in that he taught people that they had allof the answers as the entrepreneurwhen in reality, you've got to get

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: to know your customer in every way that you can.One of the ways that we did that was with market researchthrough our university's library,but we also did tons of focus group researchwith prospective end users.And because we started primarily as a brick and mortarkind of business, we also did a lot

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: of interviewing and a lot of testing with retailersthat we thought would be good fits.Because of that, when we were ready to launch,we had this built-in network of peoplethat we'd ask so many questions that we all said,hey, we did everything you told us to do.Now will you actually buy the productthat you helped us make?And that ended up being a great roundabout sales technique,

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: which we didn't even intend.Our customers are fantastic resourcesas we figure out what products we want to create nextand really even how we position ourselves in the market.Our customers often tell us as much about our companyas we can tell our customers--everything from what products they'd like to see next,

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: what kinds of fragrances they want to see,what their problems are as they're getting readythat maybe we can help solve.So we do lots of surveys.Anytime we can get out and talk to customers faceto face with things like pop-up events and marketing that way,we're all about it because it's a great wayto learn more about our customer and make sure

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: that we are continuing to make them happyand find new ways to delight them with new products.Because we're a small company, wecan't afford a market research firm,and it's never been something that wefelt like we needed to do.Rather everyone in the company has touchpoints with customers.

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: My partner and I do.Our salespeople do.Our customer service people are perhapsour best outlet to find customer feedback and input.We have a couple of different waysin which we present customer feedback and insightswithin the company.We have a couple of organized times throughout the year where

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: we each prepare presentations based on thingsthat we've learned or set up research that we then presentfindings from to one another.Other times, it's just on our Slack channel.We have pieces of information thatget passed through the info account email addressor even through social media outlets.

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: And conversations take place wherewe figure out what to do with what we've just learned.Because we're a small company, everybody does market research.So it's really just making sure that you're paying attentionto the customer and what they have to say.One of our best selling products is a large versionof our shampoo body wash two-in-one.We started with a little eight-ounce bottle.

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: And immediately, the feedback was this is great,but I need a bigger bottle.So despite having other plans for additional roll-outs, westopped what we were doing, made that product,and to our delight, it's become a top seller for us.One thing that I think is important to rememberis that if you've got good customers,

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: they're happy to give you information.It's very rare when we ask our customers for surveyinformation or even if I email them directly and askfor their thoughts, as I do sometimes with top customers,that they don't have time or seem resentfulthat we would ask.People are happy to help and are far more helpful

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    KEVIN KELLER [continued]: than you might imagine.So if I can give a piece of advice, it's ask more questionsand ask them more often.[MUSIC PLAYING]

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Kevin Keller, Co-Founder of Fulton and Roark, a men's fragrance and grooming company, discusses the on-going customer-focused market research that shapes his successful business.

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Market Research for Men’s Fragrance & Grooming Products: Fulton & Roark

Kevin Keller, Co-Founder of Fulton and Roark, a men's fragrance and grooming company, discusses the on-going customer-focused market research that shapes his successful business.

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