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    SPEAKER 1: How do I keep a bibliography?All reporting of scientific researchmust include a bibliography.It's vital that you keep a good record of everythingyou've read and will use in writing up your researchso that you're able to include it in your bibliography.Here are some things to remember.It is essential to cite every source used and not

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: just the sources from which you have directly quoted.It is not necessary to cite sourcesyou have read when doing your researchbut have not used in writing it up.If you use something to shape your ideas and work,it should be mentioned.Tribute must be paid to those whose work has helped you.And using ideas or findings without creditingthe original source is plagiarism.

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: There are a few different referencing stylesthat can be used in writing up your literature reviewand research findings.You should check with your supervisor or colleaguesto determine which convention you should use.There are tools you can use to helpkeep a systematic bibliography.The best known and most widely used is endnote.Final tip.

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    SPEAKER 1 [continued]: Don't postpone starting your bibliography.Some effort early on avoids a lot of work later.You should enter citations into your bibliographyas you are actually writing up your dissertation, thesis,or report.

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Learn about the importance of maintaining a bibliography throughout the research process.

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How Do I Keep a Bibliography?

Learn about the importance of maintaining a bibliography throughout the research process.

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