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Referencing as Persuasion

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Referencing as Persuasion
Referencing as PersuasionG. NigelGilbert10 ppSAGE Publications, Inc.
2455 Teller RoadThousand OaksCalifornia91320United States of America
September, 197771113113122

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Gilbert, G.N.(1977)‘Referencing as persuasion’, Social Studies of Science6, 281-306.

The analysis of citations has become common as a technique in the sociology of science. This journal, for example, has recently published a number of articles which rely on citations for a source of data.1 Almost without exception, however, studies concerned with one of the several varieties of citation analysis have been of an empirical nature. Accordingly, despite the occasional cautionary note on the inadvisability of employing citation data without a sound theoretical underpinning, little progress has been made in constructing what ...

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