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Experimental Qualitative Methods

By: Mirka Koro-Ljungberg & Linda Knight | Edited by: Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont, Alexandru Cernat, Joseph W. Sakshaug & Richard A. Williams Published: 2019 | Length:   5 | DOI: |
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Experimental qualitative methods are qualitative inquiry processes that utilize experimentation, creativity, and imagination. This entry pays particular attention to the multiplicity, poly-dimension, and unthought associated with methodological-poly-experiments and continuously diversifying creative methodological practices. It is important to note that this entry is not about “experiments” as objective procedures to validate hypothesis or test predetermined onto-epistemological assumptions; rather the language of “experiment” is used to approach the concept from the framework of ontological differences. For example, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari (1994) proposed that “to think is to experiment, but experimentation is always that which is in the process of coming about—the new, remarkable, and interesting” (p. 111).

In addition, this entry generates diverse and multiplying axles and is a methodological and representational experiment of its own. ...

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