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Debord, Guy

By: Alastair Hemmens | Edited by: Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont, Alexandru Cernat, Joseph W. Sakshaug & Richard A. Williams Published: 2019 | Length:   3 | DOI: |
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Guy Debord (1931–1994) was the central figure of the Situationist International (SI), a Marxian revolutionary organisation focused in France that emerged out of the European artistic avant-garde and antiauthoritarian, anticapitalist movements of the postwar period (Hussey, 2001). Debord was a founding member of the group, the editor of its journal, Internationale Situationniste, as well as a writer, filmmaker, and critical social theorist. He is perhaps best known as the author of The Society of the Spectacle, first published in French in 1967, and, along with the SI, is often credited with having played a significant role in the radicalisation of the student movement in France, which led to a series of occupations, strikes, and protests that shook France in the spring of 1968. Debord drew ...

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