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Reflexive Video Journals: Relations to Food and Sustainability

By: Jon Anderson Edited by: Jamie Lewis Published: 2015 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Datasets
Methods: Autoethnography
Data Type: Videos
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This dataset exemplar examines reflexive video journals as a qualitative tool, which can encourage reflection, critique and self-analysis amongst research respondents and researchers themselves. Diaries such as these have been used to record misunderstandings, fears, worries and doubts. Focusing specifically on their use in the field of food consumption and sustainability, the exemplar demonstrates how video journals can enable diarists (either researcher or respondent) to engage in critical self-reflection on their everyday behaviours and the broader structures that influence them. As such, video journals may prove a useful method of research concerned with motivating a range of social action. The dataset exemplar is provided by Dr Jon Anderson from the School of Planning and Geography, Cardiff University. It will be of most use to those ...

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About This Dataset
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Sustainability in Practice

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Dr Jon Anderson, Cardiff School of Planning and Geography, Cardiff University

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