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Conversation Analysis of Video-Mediated Communication: Interactional Repair of Distortion in Long-Distance Couples’ Video Calls

By: Sean Rintel Edited by: Jamie Lewis Published: 2015 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Datasets
Data Type: Videos
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Ethnomethodology and the related fields of Conversation Analysis and Membership Categorisation Analysis investigate how the local production of practical, social understandings is a situated achievement. This is typically undertaken through a close analysis of video or audio of naturally-occurring activities, with the aid of transcripts to pin down precise sequences of actions. This exemplar illustrates how this approach can be used to explore interaction via technology, in this case video-mediated communication. The data is provided by Dr Sean Rintel, collected while undertaking his dissertation at the University at Albany, State University of New York and subsequently re-analysed for later publication. He recruited couples in existing long-distance relationships to try video calling, and created an automated remote recording system to capture all their video calls with ...

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About This Dataset
Data Source Citation

Rintel, S. (2013). Video calling in long-distance relationships: The opportunistic use of audio/video distortions as a relational resource. The Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronic de Communication (EJC/REC), Special issue on Videoconferencing in Practice: 21st Century Challenges, 23 (1&2)

Full title of originating dataset

Novice Couples Coping With Network Trouble in Personal Videoconferencing: Managing the Intersection of Interaction and Technology in the Collaborative Achievement of Conversational Continuity

Data author(s) and affiliations

Dr Sean Rintel

Affiliation at time of data collection: PhD conducted at the University at Albany, State University of New York;

Current affiliation: Microsoft Research, Cambridge UK

First publication date

June 2013

Funding sources/suppliers

Session videoconferencing software and service supplied by Wave Three Inc. (now defunct)

Sample/sampling procedures

Convenience Sampling

Data collection dates


Time frame of analysis

Each couple’s calls collected over a two-month period. Individual excerpts of distortion episodes range from seconds to minutes within a single call

Unit of analysis


Location covered by data

Northeastern United States

Abbreviations, conventions or notation devices

Variation of Jefferson’s Conversation Analysis transcription conventions

Methods Map
Conversation analysis