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Learn to Use Two-Way Scatter Plots in SPSS With Data From the Consolidated State Performance Report (2012–2013)

By: The Odum Institute Published: 2015 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Datasets

This dataset is designed for teaching two-way scatter plots. The dataset is a subset of data derived from the Consolidated State Performance Report from the U.S. Department of Education. It looks specifically at the percentage of 4th grade students who are proficient in math and the percentage of 4th grade students who are proficient in reading across the 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The dataset file is accompanied by a teaching guide, a student guide, and a how-to guide for SPSS.

Methods: Scatterplots
Data Type: Numeric
Software Guide: SPSS
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You can preview and download the dataset from this tab. The dataset is available in multiple file formats, compatible with most common software packages. You can also view and download the Codebook, which provides information on the structure, contents, and layout of the dataset.

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In this tab you will find guides on using this dataset. The Teaching Guide is designed for faculty who are teaching research methods and statistics, with suggestions on how to use the dataset in lab exercises, in homework assignments and as exam questions. The Student Guide introduces the method for students, and can be used in teaching to provide students with an introductory overview of the method or test. The How-to Guide shows how to perform the technique or test using data analysis software.

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About This Dataset
Data Source Citation

U.S. Department of Education. ED Data Express, state achievement data [Data file]. Retrieved from

Full title of originating dataset

ED Data Express, State Achievement Data

Data author(s) and affiliations

United States Department of Education

Data Universe

Elementary and secondary schools within the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico

Funding sources/suppliers

United States Department of Education

Data collection dates


Time frame of analysis


Unit of analysis


Location covered by data

United States

Links to SRM content
  • Fox, J. (2004). Scatterplot. In M. S. Lewis-Beck, A. Bryman, & T. Futing Liao (Eds.), The SAGE encyclopedia of social science research methods (pp. 1003–1005). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. doi:
  • The scatterplot matrix. (1998). In W. G. Jacoby (Ed.), Statistical graphics for visualizing multivariate data (pp. 39–54). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. doi:
List of variables


State Code


Freshman Grad Rate 2009-10


G4 Math 2011-12


G8 Math 2011-12


HS Math 2011-12


G4 Reading 2011-12


G8 Reading 2011-12


HS Reading 2011-12


EL Science 2011-12


HS Science 2011-12


MS Science 2011-12


G4 Math 2012-13


G8 Math 2012-13


HS Math 2012-13


G4 Reading 2012-13


G8 Reading 2012-13


HS Reading 2012-13


EL Science 2012-13


HS Science 2012-13


MS Science 2012-13


Percent in Choice School


Qualified Teachers 2011-12


Qualified Teachers 2012-13

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