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Bells and Social Order: Analysing Sounds in Ethnography

By: Christoph Maeder Edited by: Jamie Lewis Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Datasets
Methods: Ethnography
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Non-musical and non-linguistic sounds are abundant in every society: whenever and wherever there is society, there is sound. Despite this, besides research on spoken language and communication, sounds have not yet played a significant role in sociological ethnography. Maybe they never will, but perhaps they should. Sounds provide inspiring and intriguing material for ethnographic research on many aspects of social order.

The data in this exemplar, provided by Professor Christoph Maeder from the University of Teacher Education in Zurich, are both simple and complex. The two audio recordings of short sound-strips of bells form the downloadable data. Also included in the text below are technical visual representations of the recordings, as well as photographs of the scenes in which they were taken. Together, they create an ...

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About This Dataset
Full title of originating dataset

Swiss Sonography Project (SSP)

Data author(s) and affiliations

Professor Christoph Maeder, University of Teacher Education Zurich

First publication date

Maeder, C. (2013). Analyzing sounds. In Uwe Flick (Ed.) The SAGE handbook of qualitative data analysis (pp. 424-434). London, UK: SAGE Publications.

Funding sources/suppliers


Data collection dates


Unit of analysis

Animal-Human Inter-relations

Location covered by data