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Learn to Use One-Way ANOVA in SPSS With Data From the Time Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (2004)

By: Nick Allum Published: 2015 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Datasets

This dataset is designed for teaching the one-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The dataset is a subset of data derived from an experiment in social psychology titled ‘Shame, Blame and Contamination: Mental Illness Stigma and the Family’, and the example shows how to test whether particular kinds of health conditions induce different levels of family stigma. The dataset file is accompanied by a teaching guide, a student guide, and a how-to guide for SPSS.

Data Type: Survey Experiment
Software Guide: SPSS
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You can preview and download the dataset from this tab. The dataset is available in multiple file formats, compatible with most common software packages. You can also view and download the Codebook, which provides information on the structure, contents, and layout of the dataset.

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In this tab you will find guides on using this dataset. The Teaching Guide is designed for faculty who are teaching research methods and statistics, with suggestions on how to use the dataset in lab exercises, in homework assignments and as exam questions. The Student Guide introduces the method for students, and can be used in teaching to provide students with an introductory overview of the method or test. The How-to Guide shows how to perform the technique or test using data analysis software.

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About This Dataset
Data Source Citation

Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences. (2004). Shame, Blame and Contamination: Mental Illness Stigma and the Family (Publication from Northwestern University

Full title of originating dataset

Shame, Blame and Contamination: Mental Illness Stigma and the Family. Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences 2004

Data author(s) and affiliations

Patrick Corrigan

Illinois Institute of Technology

Amy Watson

University of Illinois at Chicago

Funding sources/suppliers

NSF Grant 0818839

Sample/sampling procedures

Addressed Based Probability sample of panel members, with data collection via web survey.


Weighting for selection probabilities and post stratification.

Data collection dates


Time frame of analysis


Unit of analysis

Adult American Residents

Location covered by data

United States of America (contiguous states)

Links to SRM content
List of variables


Health condition


Q11. [John/Joan] should feel ashamed about [Frank’s/Fran’s] illness.


Q5. I feel angry toward [Frank/Fran].

Methods Map
One-way analysis of variance

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