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Exploring Working Women's Experiences with Regard to Infant Feeding Choices in Urban Malaysia: A Case of Research Project

By: , & Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
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This research project qualitatively examines the perceptions and experiences of infant feeding among working women in Malaysia. We chose to approach this topic from the postmodernism and feminism lenses which gave voices to the participants in articulating their viewpoints. Based on these methodological frameworks, we were able to obtain in-depth understanding about their experiences by using multiple methods in data collection. These include in-depth interviews and written diaries, blogs and journals. By applying feminist concepts in face-to-face interviews, the participants were empowered to express their thoughts freely. Besides, narratives entries from written diaries, personal blogs and journals enriched their descriptions. Furthermore, by applying maximum variation technique in a stratified purposive sampling, we managed to capture a thorough sample of working women in urban Malaysia, taking into consideration their sociocultural plurality. Nevertheless, choosing the methodology and multiple methods were not without limitations. However, the rigour of this research was ensured with careful data and methodology triangulations, which enhanced our research credibility and dependability.

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