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Challenges in Executing a Systematic Review and Dose–Response Meta-Analysis on the Relationship of Alcohol Consumption and Perpetrators’ Act of Assault or Violence

By: , , , & Published: 2020 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases: Medicine and Health
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A recent systematic review for the alcohol use and the burden of disease found that several health conditions are causally related to alcohol in a dose–response mechanism. Moreover, several experimental studies have identified the positive dose–response relationship between the volume of alcohol consumption by body weight and aggression in a controlled environment. However, the dose–response relationship between alcohol consumption and the act of violence and assault in the general population has remained unclear. We aimed to perform a systematic review and dose–response meta-analysis to examine the dose–response relationship between drinkers’ alcohol consumption and their acts of assault or violence. A systematic review is defined as a research methodology that collates all related studies on a specified topic and analyzes the results. The review process also involves an evaluation of the quality of studies. Meta-analysis is a statistical and scientific method that analyzes and combines different results from systematic reviews. The dose–response meta-analysis is a study design that integrates the dose-specific effect between an independent and a dependent variable across similar studies on a specific research question. The inadequacy of relevant papers that can address our objectives constrained us, and we were only able to detect these limitations on the last stage of our review. We consequently highlights the current limitations and challenges in measurement and attribution of harms to alcohol consumption in observational studies such as cross-sectional, longitudinal cohort and case-control studies.

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