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Social Media Analysis, Twitter and the London Olympics 2012

By: Pete Burnap, William Housley, Jeffrey Morgan, Luke Sloan, Matthew Williams & Adam Edwards Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
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During the course of this case study, we examine publically available social media data that relate to the London 2012 Olympic Games that has been harvested and analysed using the Cardiff Online Social Media ObServatory. Social media has matured sufficiently in terms of user uptake and incorporation into traditional media platforms and outlets that the recent London Olympics has been described as the first social media games. For example, the BBC used the Twitter stream to incorporate and mobilise audience participation into its Olympic coverage. With this in mind, this case will explore the analysis of social media data in relation to sporting events and social media use. In doing so, we identify the ways in which Cardiff Online Social Media ObServatory can be used ...

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