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Reflexive Strategies Developed During Part-Time Fieldwork in an English School for the Blind, Worcester, 2000-2001

By: Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Education
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In 1999, I planned a part-time PhD study to examine the effects of early art education on cultural development in English schools for the blind. This study formed part of a larger grounded theory on the understanding and creation of what are thought to be the visual arts by blind adults and children. The main fieldwork for this study was conducted at RNIB New College, Worcester, and included participant observations, interviews, and participant diaries. This case examines strategies involved in developing fieldwork as a full-time teacher in a different school, and focuses on the issues involved in collecting the participant diaries. The case also examines the development, creation, and maintenance of relationships within fieldwork, and strategies of reflexive work patterns. In particular, the case examines the nature of the Intimate Journal and the use of Informers to develop part of a grounded theory.

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