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Recruiting General Practitioners in England to Participate in Qualitative Research: Challenges, Strategies, and Solutions

By: Salma Patel, Rebecca Cain, Kevin Neailey & Lucy Hooberman Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
Methods: Response rates
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In 2012, I conducted my first PhD study exploring general practitioners’ attitudes toward online patient feedback. After designing the research questions and topic guide to conduct the interviews, I reviewed existing literature where authors described recruiting general practitioners to take part in research. I found there was some focus in the literature on the challenges associated with low general practitioner participation in survey-based and intervention studies, but little that described the process, experience, and challenges associated with recruiting general practitioners to take part in qualitative research.

Although general practitioners are known to be a difficult group to recruit to take part in research, the recruitment process I experienced was much more challenging than I had anticipated. This case study sheds light on my experience of recruiting ...

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