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Collecting Questionnaire and Interview Data: Evaluating Approaches to Developing Digital Literacy Skills

By: Ingrid Nix & Marion Hall Published: 2016 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
Methods: Online surveys
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This case study describes a method of collecting data on students' experiences of developing digital literacy (information and communications technology) skills as part of their course at the United Kingdom's Open University. An online reflective quiz was integrated into three health and social care modules, offering students the opportunity both to reflect on their experience of developing skills and to give feedback to module authors. To make this quiz engaging and motivate students to complete it, we used a variety of question types, including some that were interactive. We also used the quiz, very successfully, to invite students for interview. Recruiting interviewees can be a difficult process, especially with distance learners. Although there was no evidence of higher response rates, there are indications our data ...

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