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Qualitative Phenomenological Study: Considerations in Engaging International Students

By: Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Education
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As researchers, my colleague and I noted that the American culture shifted its attention to the mistreatment of women; we also noted that the community college sector is often absent from the discourse. Furthermore, we recognized that the international student experience was absent from Title IX and sexual violence discussions regardless of the institutional type. After identifying this gap in the literature, we embarked on a qualitative phenomenological study to consider the following question: How do community colleges educate international students entering American culture about Title IX and sexual violence? Therefore, this case study reflects on the process and challenges in recruiting international community college students to the study and the methods for analyzing the data. Furthermore, the study is couched in a contentious history about sexual violence on college campuses. In turn, we considered how international students reflect on Title IX legislation in the midst of seeking an American degree. The study is an intersection of the burgeoning issue of Title IX relating to sexual violence and the growing international student population at U.S. community colleges.

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