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Philosophical Inquiry: Using Literature as a Teacher’s Curriculum

By: Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Health
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What informs our identities as teachers? In what ways does (or potentially might) one's personal values affect his or her professional work? This narrative case study describes how I explored these questions via philosophical inquiry. The story of my research journey considers several relevant matters including the following: clarifying the appropriate role of the researcher, selecting strategic modes of research, and balancing information and data with personal experience. My largest challenge, engaging in philosophical inquiry that coherently and meaningfully integrated real-world experiences with reflective thinking and critical analysis, is articulated and examined in the hopes that others will be supported in their own excursions into philosophical inquiry. This narrative of my research journey is intended to reveal some of the trials and rewards that I experienced when engaged in the process of philosophical inquiry. How does one relate personal experiences in ways that resonate to a diverse readership? In what ways can relevant connections to philosophy and literature evoke universal understanding and critical reflection? By describing my efforts in addressing these questions, my aim is that readers will begin to better understand both the complexities and the unique benefits inherent to philosophical inquiry. Finally, my hope is that this narrative testimonial of my philosophical inquiry experience might inspire others to adopt some components or protocols of philosophical inquiry into their own research model.

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