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Becoming a ‘Native Ethnographer’: Learning–Teaching Practices in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Mas' Camps

By: Janice B. Fournillier Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
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This case study explores the exigencies of a ‘native ethnographer’ who chose to use a Euro western frame in a study of learning–teaching practices in her country's Carnival mas' camps. I am a native Trinidadian and former educator in the formal education system who used mas'-making practices of the Pre-Lenten Carnival festival as the unit of analysis in my study. Active participation in the community afforded me the opportunity to gain legitimacy within the group and become an accepted member of the community. I adopted an anthropological perspective and used sociocultural theories of learning, my personal theories, and ethnography to conceptualize the research design. Postcolonial theory acted as my ethical discourse as I participated in the mas'-making activities and engaged with members of various mas' ...

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