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Multiple Qualitative Case Study: Puzzling Out the Puzzle of Gender Equality Schemes at Two Auto Makers in France and Germany

By: Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Sociology
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Although virtually all auto manufacturers extensively employ various gender equality/diversity schemes to increase the number of women in their management, progress is very slow-paced if not even stalled. The considerable underrepresentation of women in management in the automotive industry raises a crucial question: are their gender equality measures a real chance or yet another trap? The case largely draws from a research project aiming at analyzing the dynamic of gender equality initiatives within the automotive industry through a cross case comparison between a French and a German auto manufacturer. The multiple-case study conceives the research problem as a research puzzle. It opens, on one hand, the “black box” of gender equality measured by highlighting the complexity of the “remedy” and, on the other hand, explores the perceptions and experiences of the male and female managers of the case companies toward these programs. The case is organized as follows: first, it presents the aims and context of the study. Second, it describes in detail the methods of data collection and analytical procedure chosen and their application “live.” Third, it discusses the lessons learned from this journey.

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