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Conducting Mixed-Methods Research in the Mental Health Care Setting: A Study Exploring Job Satisfaction Among Nursing Personnel

By: Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Political Science and International Relations
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The aim of the study that this method case builds on was to explore job satisfaction among mental health nursing personnel. Because I wanted to identify and quantify the factors that influenced the nursing personnel’s job satisfaction, as well as explore how the personnel experienced these factors, a mixed-methods approach was used. The quantitative findings were drawn from a cross-sectional questionnaire, and the qualitative analysis was conducted using data collected from individual interviews. Using mixed methods allows for the triangulation of quantitative and qualitative findings for gaining greater validity and completeness. However, the approach is somewhat demanding as it is resource-intensive. It is therefore important to justify the relevance for using such an approach. Thus, in this method case, I will justify my use of this method to answer the research questions and explicate the rationale for selecting the specific design. Finally, this case study includes a discussion of the practical lessons learned from the implementation experiences, which includes a reflection regarding my role as a clinical researcher in my dual capacity as both a clinician and a researcher.

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