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Researching the Impact of Female Partners on Men Seeking Help for Mental Health Problems—Using Interviews

By: Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Psychology
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This case study describes the use of interview in a thematic analysis research design. The researcher describes the challenges of interviewing as a researcher with a clinical background, and the benefits and limitations these dual roles had on the outcome. The research was undertaken during a Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programme in the United Kingdom. The research aimed to explore the communication techniques women used when discussing help-seeking with their male partner who had a mental health problem. Within the research, women were asked a range of questions about their experiences living with a male partner with mental health problems. The questions asked in interview produced challenging answers, which had to be handled with both clinical sensitivity, while maintaining academic rigor in methodology. The challenges of this are discussed alongside a critique of the pros and cons of taking these positions

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