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How to Adapt a Research Design to the Particularities of a Vulnerable Group of Workers Under Study

By: Published: 2019 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Business and Management
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This case study discusses the challenges encountered when trying to study individuals with mental illness in the workplace. First, I describe how one needs to be creative when one aims to recruit invisible populations that are difficult to reach. I position the online space and more specifically social media as a useful tool as long as ethical issues are being considered. Second, I explain how I had to adapt my research design to the particularities of the population under study, stressing that it is important to stay flexible and open to change at any stage of the research process. This case study shows that being adaptable and creative increases the chances that researchers get the information they are looking for by using different recruitment channels and research designs. As a pedagogical tool, this case study provides a real-life example of navigating the complexities of doing research in business and management and aims to help students to overcome the hurdles and challenges inherent to doing research in the social sciences.

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