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Guiding the Development of a Dissertation Research Design Using Grounded Theory

By: Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
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Dissertation advisors play a significant role in the development of student theses and dissertations whether or not the dissertation is a qualitative or quantitative study. The conceptualization of a student dissertation prospectus requires unmitigated dedication and commitment by the advisor, providing encouragement to the student and committee members as they seek to enhance student outcomes through salient contributions to the body of knowledge. The methods used by the dissertation advisor contribute to the overall success of the student's progress while concurrently ensuring the quality is congruent with research expectations in a multidisciplinary environment. This case study provides insight into the plethora of challenges associated with the role of dissertation advisor, from the conceptualization of the researcher's dissertation prospectus, and its design, to the collection and analysis of data.

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