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Electronic Survey Research: Assessing Health Teachers’ Confidence and Proficiency With Sexuality Education Standards

By: & Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Health
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In the fall of 2014, I, Dr. Christine Fisher, started my first teaching position as a tenure-track college faculty member at Rhode Island College. During my doctoral program, most of my research was focused on the topics of sexual health and school health. Moving to a new state is what motivated me to continue my research in these fields. I wanted to learn more about these topics as they apply to my new home state. One of my colleague, Dr. Carol Cummings, was also interested in this area of research. We partnered together to work on this research study. Our goal was to gather the opinions of current school health teachers in our state regarding their confidence and proficiency with the new sexuality education standards that were recently developed for K-12 students and sexual health education teachers. This case study outlines the process we took to gather beliefs current health educators in Rhode Island held regarding their confidence and proficiency with teaching this topic.

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