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Doing Community-Based Action Research in an Urban Youth Sport Environment: Lessons Learned

By: & Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
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Community-based action research is a systematic approach that allows those affected by a social issue to work collaboratively to address it. While faculty members are trained to conduct social science research, many are not trained to carry out community-based action research. This case describes a community-based action research project that involved mobilizing an urban recreation center's stakeholders to counteract various safety issues affecting the delivery of a youth baseball program. Following Stringer's action research framework, the researcher acting as facilitator, guided organizational stakeholders through the planning processes of looking, thinking, and acting in addressing the recreation center's safety issues. Methodological considerations and lessons learned by the facilitator are shared specifically relating to recruiting stakeholders from underserved communities; managing administrator denial, power, and politics; and managing stakeholder tensions.

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