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Developing Methods for Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis With Focus Group Data

By: , & Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Psychology
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This case study describes the process used to apply interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) to focus groups, how this process was developed, and the tools used to do so. Five focus groups were conducted with women who had participated in a program of gentle yoga after treatment for gynecological cancer. Because the groups focused on participants’ experiences of cancer, treatment, and yoga, IPA was selected as an appropriate analysis approach. However, as existing IPA strategies center on individual interviews, this required the development of new strategies and approaches to make full use of as much of the focus group data as possible. This case presents practical suggestions for how to apply an IPA analysis to data that is more interactional than that seen in individual interviews, the types of things to look for in the data, and how to develop those observations into IPA compatible themes.

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