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Descriptive Phenomenological Analysis: Practical Innovations in Geographies of Artistic Practice

By: Janet Banfield Published: 2016 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
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Drawing on both geography and psychology, my doctoral research explored the generation of subjectivity and space in artistic practice. Traditionally, geographies of art had limited understandings of artistic practice, focusing on the studio as the space of artistic production, the artwork as a static object for interpretation and the artist as the sole source of agency. Instead, I adopted a perspective that considers subjects, objects and spaces to emerge in practice, and explored their emergence from within artistic practice, by using artistic practice as a research method. My research integrated geographical understandings of experimentation in fieldwork with analytical methods more familiar to psychology, but adapted to take account of the nature of my research. This case study outlines this practice-based element of my research design ...

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Phenomenological analysis