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Content Analysis: An Examination of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Greeting Cards

By: Lisa A. Auster-Gussman & Published: 2018 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Sociology
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In this case study, we describe how we employed a content analysis of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day greeting cards to (1) evaluate the extent to which Mother’s Day and Father’s Day greeting cards reflect traditional ideologies of motherhood and fatherhood in the themes and objects/pictures; (2) uncover any gendered patterns in the color palette, color, and type of lettering; and (3) examine the impact of the sender’s gender and their relationship to the recipient on greeting card characteristics. The sample consisted of 442 unique cards, 259 Mother’s Day and 183 Father’s Day greeting cards. This case study discusses some of the challenges we faced and explains how we determined where to find and capture the sample of cards as well as the many decisions associated with what to code and then how to code the variables of interest.

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