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Collaborative Research: Searching for Synergy in a Study of Student Transition in Kazakhstan

By: Olena Fimyar, Aray Saniyazova & Olga Mun Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
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Collaborative research aimed at building local capacity is a complex, contested, time-consuming, and at the same time immensely rewarding experience. The clash of different research cultures, managerial approaches, and values involved in conducting and delivering research is inevitable. Collaborative research requires support structures on institutional, organizational, and system levels, as well as determination to reconcile differences through constant reminders of a shared vision and long-term goal. This case study traces the experiences and methodological lessons learned by the three members of a research team involved in the study of student transition from school to university in Kazakhstan. The collaborative nature of the work is reflected in the organization of the case study. After a brief introduction, all three narratives are presented consecutively followed by the ...

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