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Co-creation and Co-design: Applied Research Methods in Healthcare Service Design

By: Jonathan Aitken & Deborah Shackleton Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
Methods: Action research
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With the increasing adoption of action-centered research methodologies by designers, the landscape of communication design has changed from a simple designer/client relationship where solutions are generated in the studio to a more complex situation where the use of field ethnography and participatory design with end users has become accepted practice. As Sanders and Stappers note in their 2013 seminal text titled Convivial toolbox: Generative research for the front end of design, this signifies a shift from product design to purposeful design. This case study describes a design methodology that involves the end user as a design participant by asking the question ‘How can design facilitate a behavior change in the use of ceiling lift equipment by Residential Care Aides (RCAs) in an extended care facility?’ ...

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