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Caring towards Death: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Process of Becoming and Being a Hospice Nurse

By: Published: 2014 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases
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This case summarises my PhD research, published in 2010, on the process by which nurses come to be working in English hospices. First, I explain the background to my research and my interest in my research topic. I briefly set the context by describing the nature of English hospices and go on to define the focus of my study and its aims and objectives. I describe the process of undertaking an initial literature review in order to identify gaps in the research and my choice of a philosophical/methodological perspective. I discuss the process of choosing a data collection method and how I attempted to maximise the ‘rigour’ of my research. I go on to discuss the practical aspects of obtaining official approval to undertake the research, the process of respondent recruitment, the development of an interview guide and respondent checklist, undertaking pilot interviews and doing the final interviews with hospice nurses. I describe the process of undertaking qualitative data analysis and writing-up the research and set out the main conclusions. Throughout the case, I attempt to demonstrate that research does not always proceed in an orderly, linear way, and provide insight into the practicalities of doing social research.

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Phenomenological analysis

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