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Capturing the Lived Experience: Getting Started With Interpretive Phenomenology Research

By: Published: 2017 | Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases in Health
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This methods case study demonstrates how to make use of Interpretive Phenomenology in health research. Through the lens of the author’s dissertation, which aimed to capture the lived experience of dementia for couples, the case defines key terms, makes suggestions to support success in research, and provides a template for project development in 10 easy lessons designed for early career researchers. Beyond focusing on technical steps such as data collecting, data analysis, and strategies for rigor, the case explores the impact of temperament, self-awareness, and professional support on completing projects. The case suggests that “fit” between the research question and the method, and between the research approach and the researcher, is equally important. Furthermore, the author argues for keeping the overarching goals of contributing to knowledge building and improving outcomes for persons adversely affected by health issues, front and center of any health research endeavor.

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